How My BEE Certification Business Will Skyrocket Your Local Business

I wanted to run my own business ever since I was a kid. I come from a poor family, so my father had to overwork in order to provide food to me and my mother. I used to envy businesspeople whenever they came around, whether they wanted to look for employees or just buy some land. They all looked elegant and fancy, while we used to keep the same clothes for a few days. I studied and attended a business and management course after I graduated from high school and focused on making my passion my paycheck. I wanted to come up with a business to enrich me both emotionally and financially.


This is how I have decided to create Turnkey BEE. I am doing something that I like and I am good at it. My company helps other people start their own businesses and actually succeed in the highly competitive business field of Pretoria and the surroundings. Obtaining a BEE certificate opens a lot of doors in the business world. The certificate can take an anonymous business from scratch and turn it into a front runner, but obviously not without the owner’s hard work. The certificate will not help you run the business better or make money for you, but it will only open up new markets, which is more than enough if you know how to take advantage of that. Try to learn more about this benefit before actually exaggerating with your expectations.


Find out how Turnkey BEE can help your business

Turnkey BEE is independent and not associated with any agencies. My firm is fully accredited to research and provide IRBA B-BBEE ratings on a yearly basis. Obtaining the BEE certificate implies following some rules, which inevitably dictate a ranking varying from 1 to 8. The certificate is renewed on a yearly basis, so it is up to you to submit the required documentation about it.


The BEE certificate will give your business the opportunity to conduct business with the government, governmental institutions and agencies. Without it, conducting business in that direction is impossible. My primary goal as a manager is to provide a solid economic growth to those who are actually interested in achieving a spectacular business growth. To most business owners, this is the smartest way to gain access to a new market. To me, this is a good option to reduce the gap between two different economies in South Africa. The economic growth has always been a problem, but luckily for us, we are growing. Accelerating this process should be a main priority.


Aside from providing the BEE certificate, my company conducts extensive research and makes connections between new businesses and already established BEE companies. The verification process underlines specific opportunities, as well as risks. Me and my workers want to ensure that our customers do not get the BEE certificate only to add a new paper to their portfolios, but to actually excel and grow with it.


Turnkey BEE works for you, not for me

I run one of the most cost efficient and affordable BEE certification companies in Pretoria. I know that as a small or medium business owner, your budget is not going to skyrocket overnight. Instead, you need a boost and this is when Turnkey BEE steps in. Customers are free to apply over the Internet and get contacted back, so click here for this opportunity. There are a lot of papers that need to be submitted, so do your homework. Besides, the process is quick and efficient. While the BEE certification will clearly help your business, the detailed evaluation and research will most likely be more helpful in the long run.